About Us

At PhilippineNationalID.COM, we re dedicated in providing the updated news, article and how to guide on how to apply for PhilSys ID (Philippine National ID)

We want to solve the biggest problem and issues by every Filipino in applying for the very first National Identification System of the Philippines. Everyone is guessing. Applicants don’t know or have no idea on how to apply, where to apply and what are the requirements in applying for one.

Throughout the history of the Philippines, this is the first time our country will have a National ID System. Though there are lot of struggles before the law was approved but here we are now, in just few days or months, the PhilSys ID will be readily available to the public.

And because of that, we (PhilippineNationalID.COM) really wants to be there from the start to guide each and everyone who are interested in applying for their own PhilSys ID.

We want this website to be an open forum where applicants can exchange ideas or tips regarding the nitty gritty of applying a Philippine National ID.

This website is focused primarily on PhilSys ID / Philippine National ID topics only.

We are excited to simplify the application process for everyone through our articles and valuable information that we will share here in the website and in our social media account (Facebook Page).

If you have any question, we are gladly to help. Just leave a comment in any of our published articles and we’ll make sure to answer your queries. We’re looking forward working with you!