What are the PhilSys / Philippine National ID Requirements?

July 3, 2019 | 6:28 am 7 Comments Philippine National ID Requirements
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  • Philippine National ID Requirements — Today, we’re going to discuss the PhilSys ID Requirements. Since this topic is new to us, we decided to educate the reading public of what’s in store for us when applying for our very first National ID in the history of our country.

    We won’t keep the introduction long because we know that applicants are impatient and want to know the Philippine National ID Requirements immediately. So here it is!

    Philippine National ID Requirements

    1. PhilSys Registration Form (Form No. 1)
    2. Any of the following supporting documents such as: Original copy of Birth Certificate issued by PSA (formerly NSO), Valid Philippine Passport, Unified Multi-purpose Identification (UMID) card issued by SSS or GSIS, Driver’s License or NBI Clearance

    For Resident Aliens, Alien Certificate of Registration must be presented.

    PhilSys Registration Form (Form No. 1)

    The registration form can be obtained in the designated Government Agencies that allowed to accept application of the Philippine ID (PhilSys)

    As of today, don’t have the exact image of the PhilSys Registration Form but we’ll update this article to upload the same exact Philippine National ID Application form for your reference. We promise!

    Primary Philippine National ID Requirements

    Below are the list of the primary documents that you need to present in applying your Philippine National ID.

    Failure to submit ANY of these valid identification will result to the rejection of your PhilSys ID Application.

    So before heading towards the application branches, We highly suggest that you secure or make sure that you have at least one (1) of the following documents.

    The valid Identification documents that are needed are the following:

    If you are a resident Alien and wanting to have your Philippine National ID, you must present your Alien Certificate of Registration.

    Supporting Documents (OPTIONAL)

    There may be times you will be asked to present additional ID as a supporting document for your application for PhilSys ID. So we advice that you bring additional valid ID such as the following listed below:

    • Voter’s ID
    • Driver’s License
    • PRC License
    • Postal ID
    • School ID and your School Registration Form (if you’re still a student)
    • TIN ID
    • Philhealth ID
    • Senior Citizen ID
    • NBI Clearance

    Please note that the valid IDs mentioned above are only supporting documents and will not substitute the absence of your Primary Document Requirement.

    This means that Primary Documents must be submitted in any of the application.

    If you have completed all the Philippine National ID Requirements, you are now ready to apply for your own PhilSys ID. But before you do that, I suggest that you read our article on How to Apply for Philippine National ID so you’ll have a clear view of the entire process of the application.

    Thank you for reading this article. If you still have any question after reading the Philippine National ID Requirements, feel free to leave a comment down below!


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